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Friday, January 27, 2006

Gates fights TB

Melinda Gates give 900$ million to fight TB - tabbed browsing maybe?

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

The FREE html editor 1st Page 2006 has been released!

For all of you who need a html editor, good news:

"You can now uninstall your 1st Page 2000, as the HTML Editor 1st Page 2006 has finally been released. A lot of people were expecting this new release, many features have been added such as a nice WYSIWYG interface and scripting options. Oh, this program is FREE for use, at home AND at work!"

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Complete List of Web 2.0 Applications

Alphabetically sorted list of popular Web 2.0 applications. The description for each of the application is taken from their own About or FAQ pages. Bookmark for quick reference.

Check it out. Also there's even a better list here

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Scammer changes name of OpenOffice, sells as his own for $29 per download.

"This clever guy changes the app names - is Luxuriousity Office Suite ($29.95 for Instant Download!), GIMP is Photographer's Dream Pro ($19.99 download) on his site, and on eBay, search for "luxuriousity".

The kicker? No mention of GPL or source - a violation of GPL, I believe. Is there any way to stop guys like this?"

And at least somebody has bought Audacity with new name and... check it out:

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PC's of the FUTURE!

As small as a pen! As cool as the jetsons!

You can already buy this kind of virtual keyboards, but they don't work very well. In the near future, these kinds of devices will replace laptops.

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Try out new Newsvine service, seems nice. It's kind of like Digg.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Web 2.0 popularity index

Posts that contain Web 2.0 per day for the last 30 days.
Technorati Chart
Get your own chart!

Stores paint rooftop logos for Google Maps

"A way to take advantage of the Google Maps is, of course, painting your logo on the rooftop and hoping the mapping satellite passes above your head."

Funny example how Web 2.0 is slowly changing the world.

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Digg makes the Wall Street Journal

**No registration needed** makes the Wall Street Journal in an article called "Digging Out the News" The story reads: "Tech news site takes a unique approach to determining what to publish: it lets readers, not editors, decide. But such an approach presents some risks."

More and more people are getting to know what web 2.0 is all about. Great!

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Free business tips -

Have you already seen it? Pandora I mean. If you haven't, you should check it out, it's a really nice service. The idea is that you can create your own radio station that only plays what you like. First you give it a hint what kind of music you like and when it's playing its songs you can give more information by declaring if you like the songs or not and it'll use that info to make your radio station to match your taste even better.

And the business tip - this is going to be huge. Imagine when you enter a gym, you'll receive a wireless head set and you'll be asked about your preferences and when you're doing your workout you can listen music you'll probably like. What about if we combine wirelessness, podcasting and Pandora, what do we get? Death of broadcast radio I think.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Video is going to be huge in new Web and is probably one of the winners.

Already hot:



Go and see Fon. Let's make it easier to access web anywhere, anytime.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Top 100 essential downloads

Check out top-100 essential downloads of free software & freeware for Windows XP all in one page..

Nice to know at least when you're a new user. Check it out!

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The future of radio and tv

It's easy to see what will be the future of radio and tv. Put together podcasting and services like Pandora and you can imagine how the future will look like. You just describe what you like and what you're interested in and you'll have radio and tv shows sent to your mobile and other devices when ever you want to watch or listen to them.

Also I believe that services that use peer evaluation methods like Digg and will have their use in this new world of radio and tv.

In the future we'll be able to watch and listen what ever we want, when ever we want, even if we're not able to exactly define what it is that we like. Service providers will help us to find it out.

Making Internet more social

Check these out and you won't be lonely in the Internet anymore. Social browsing is the name of the game:


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Key to Success

There are plenty of fantastic new services and sites all over internet and I'd say those will prevail that follow these simple two rules:

1. No "Sign up" of any kind.
2. Connectibility.

Plain and simple. Why you may ask. Well, I told my girl friend about Flickr and she got all excited about it and now she's using it daily. Half of her friends are not able to sign up without help! For those of you who design these new services this may sound silly or stupid, but if you want to gain market share and make business, you need to take this seriously. Ease of use! Try Bubbleshare for example. That's easy! The other day I wanted to show Writely (or other on-line Word -like site) in class to my students, but couldn't remember the password for writely, so I didn't show them how it works. If there would've been an option where I didn't need to sign up, I would've used that....

Connectibility is another crucial feature, of course. I've tried many of those new "on-line bookmarks" (I use my own web-site for that, don't need them), "on-line calendar" --> too much work... and so on. For most of them I need to sign up and rarely they offer me complete set of features that I need. The first site that gathers all these nice experiments on one site and makes it easy to use, will have all the customers!! And make billions $$$!!!

Business is going to be huge around Web 2.0, but only those who understand customers/users will win.

A glimpse into Microsoft's future

All the major players are trying to guess how the future is going to be andmost of all how to make money in it. MS has revealed some of its ideas about the future:


Nothing really new, but gives us a clue what MS is going after. Anyway, I believe the change will be radical and much faster than anticipated.